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Your message resonates with what I feel. Tks to let me know the work of Zainab. As Charles Eisenstein said about the presents conflicts: "To advocate peace in a time of war is always brave. Courage means, 'the capacity of the heart'. It comes when we open our hearts to actually feel. All eyes are on Israel and Palestine. This is now the fulcrum upon which the whole world could swing toward peace."

You also may be interested by the work of Nitsan Joy Gordon. She has written a book which we have published in English:

TOGETHER BEYOND WORDS - Women on a Quest for Peace in the Middle East

She co-founded Together Beyond Words, a peacebuilding organization that brings Muslim, Jewish, Bedouin, Druse and Christian women together in a dynamic process to heal ancient wounds, recover hidden strengths, and promote emotional understanding. Using Dance/Movement Therapy, Listening Partnerships, Healing Touch, Radical Aliveness (RA), Playback Theater and Internal Family Systems (IFS), this groundbreaking approach teaches women to harness conflict and intense emotions as a way to achieve empathy and deep connection with perceived enemies. The women then take these transformative practices into their communities, tribes, organizations, to spread the healing. Says Gordon: “Our power as women together is no longer dormant and as we liberate ourselves from various degrees of bondage and unite around the world in a call for change, we can also become allies to men in their own liberation of the heart.”

Blessings, Jean-Rémi Deléage


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